Friday, January 30, 2009

your daughters in love...

i need to remember that when i'm tired, my eyes become magnifying glasses and everything is far more exaggerated than necessary. but, i'm tired of being overwhelmed by things like debt.
i kind of feel like an alien lately. but i'm strangely ok with this. mostly because i'm absolutely aware that i'm not alone.
**perfectionism is choking my creativity.**
i went to the studio last night...1 new song, and 3 piano tracks to be finished sometime next week.
and i'm excited but it isn't finished.
maybe it isn't choking my creativity. maybe it's like the 6th day of genesis.
maybe i should, again, stop being so hard on myself and not take my dissatisfaction as failure or creative handicap or flaw, and rather be patient with myself, take a deep breath, rise to the occassion, and just make the darned thing better.
so, i seriously need to stop being so hard on myself about pretty much everything.

i'm reminded of this pretty much every day. everytime i'll take a moment to listen. the inner voice of love speaks so cleary and so loudly when i'll just stop talking. stop running my brain rampant, and stop focusing on all my shortcomings. when i just get still.

once again the sunrise was astounding. but in the softest sweetest way. as if the sky blushed and started to glow like a girl in love when the sun rose to wake her...

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