Sunday, January 25, 2009

urban hang suite.

  • i listened to maxwell and loved every second of it.
  • i need to learn to eat child-sized portions. because my eyes are now far bigger than my stomach. and i want to vomit all the time. (that's attractive, huh?)
  • i watched golf for 40 minutes at the gym.
  • i don't even know how the aforementioned detail even happened.
  • i think i like bob hope. he told good jokes.
  • there was a man wearing far too much spandex, that showed off every detail of his beer-belly, and he was running like a fugitive on an elliptical machine while watching 'dumb and dumber'. my mouth hit the floor.
  • i have decided that if i am still single and turning into an old maid in my 30s, i'm just going to move someplace with my favourite still confirmed bachelorettes and we'll just cry. and then, be happy cos we'll adopt babies from orphanages and puppies from the pound. plan.
  • i like being quiet.
  • and listening to bon iver like i'll never hear it again.

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