Saturday, June 20, 2015

f e t c h .

I’m going to remind you that this is all far fetched. Gloriously far fetched, but fetching. I could be next in line - next in the queue. All of these familiar feelings and unfamiliar ways...
But I like it very much. So, for now... for today... until whenever it’s without question.
If ever… I mean…
I’ll keep it in my pocket like a lucky stone.
Anyway, there are these moments where I can just float along and forget.
I hope and pray and dream and I can just be.
Even, this afternoon just as the storm came, I was drifting.
And then, out of thin air, curiosity slinks round my thoughts like a sneaky house cat, and all that was stilled, began moving. Later on, when I'm good and vexed and moody, there will be a sound when i least expect it. A feeling, a reminder like a gentle breeze whispering over your skin setting the butterflies alight... and I’m gone again. Just gone and set adrift. Just like that, I'm all at sea.
And so, let me remind you that I know that it’s all a bit far fetched
Except that it isn’t.
I feel it breathing
With me.