Wednesday, January 14, 2009

upon eating a strawberry frosted mini-wheat...

or six.
six strawberry frosted mini-wheats. which is probably the serving size. hah!
i am unusually exhausted. and i have the attention span of a very small... wait. what was i saying? where was i going with that?
i wonder if these have any sort of nutritional value whatsoever? i doubt it highly.
i enjoy talking to vanessa. i'd like to talk to her now, actually. or just leave here and have brunch and go do fun adventurous things.
these are addictive. crap!
dan and his treats.
break is just about over. and i don't want to start working. my brain is still in bed. it's a day for pajamas and comfy socks.
i'm officially tired of hearing about obama.
all excitement and good things aside. i just mean, the stupid media overload. obama just walked down the street! obama drinks hot chocolate! obama has narrowed it down to 3 dog choices! wait. this just in...2 dog choices! obama watched bob the builder. seriously. has no one else noticed his entire campaign slogan of YES WE CAN was the bob the builder phrase?! he had daughters who toootally watched it. i think it's hilarious.
oh but we're all too serious about our love for this guy to poke any sort of fun. so pardon my inappropriate behaviour. =)
vanessa laughed.
i wrote a new song last night.
a little sadder than the last. but i really really realllly like it too.
i can't wait for you to hear it.
the ladies bathroom at work: i'm wondering if there is, in fact, something magical in the handicapped stall. there are i dunno, 6 stalls in this restroom. and every single time someone (apart from myself) goes in, they use the very 1st stall (pop up video once said that was the cleanest.) and the handicapped stall. none of them are handicapped. do they like the extra space? or is there something magical about this grand stall like a coffee machine?! or maybe it's got a drug stash. hahahaha (i am in need of some lock stock and two smoking barrels. lord.) whatever it is, i mean to find out.
back to work. problems in the processing...
can we fix it?!
YES WE CAN! hehehehehe

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