Monday, January 12, 2009

and the yellow moon glowed bright, til the morning light. terrible am i child. even if you don't mind.

i keep:

  • getting to work early in the morning, and taking my camera, bella, to union st.
  • getting enchanted by the sunrise and the water and the lights of old town.
  • making my escape there or to starbucks to write during lunch.
  • drinking copious amounts of coffee.
  • missing vanessa's calls.
  • giggling when people are ranting and being loud and somewhat rude. (well, not at the people getting reemed out due to hormone imbalances.) i'd usually feel upset. and let that sort of thing ruin my day. but there's enough to be down about. so now, it's all getting amusing, i think.
  • feeling nauseated. (see the one about copious amounts of coffee)
  • discovering more people i know who are effing insane... and just plain mean. the two make an awful combination, i think. and it's funny, like hysterically so, how i'm absolutely nothing but sweetness and peaches and pears to all of these people that come to mind... and they feel the need to be horrible to me. (usually in a passive aggressive sort of way) and say awful things about me. and pretty much make me out to be a nasty person. and each time i go and soul-search to see if they're right. but i realise, they're just plain wrong and crazy. so, if you are like this... just close my page. delete my number. delete me as a facebook/myspace whatever friend, and fare the well. and please, don't come back until you can play nice. thanks.
  • although, i embrace this new perspective and all that i'm learning and walking through. and though it is a very very sweet time, and i wouldn't want to rush it... i will be ever so glad when it's over. =)

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