Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i am in repair.

open the windows and doors.
let the air rush in
to quiet my begging for something more
let the pain out.
bleed out.
a cold shout.
God, it burns.
do i ever learn?
your icy shoulder on my lips
it hurts
the coat of arms on my fingertips
it's not the first
but, i swear it's worst
and deeper still
in for the kill
the frost bites down hard
and it's already scarred
i keep saying i'm sorry
with the room spinning and starry
no ranting or raving
just quietly waiting
consciousness fading
and still i want one thing,
one thing im craving.
but will it show?
i mean, before i go?
and in my weary heart will it be stayed?
or will i sleep alone til flowers bloom
to weap upon an empty grave?
so i hold on tight,
today, i'm brave
but with the night
i fall and am again much afraid.

but grace...

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