Thursday, January 8, 2009

taking the cure, so i can be quiet whenever i want.

i like it. but, i think i'm learning the art of being quiet. hmmm. because, even when i'm not talking, there are endless thoughts running rampant through my head. songs. words. sentences. prepositional phrases. sometimes ending sentences incorrectly. jokes. sounds...
lord, it's loud up there.
i need it to quiet down. no sound. no images. no talking. just... still. and maybe a knowing... maybe.

so, i've discovered that starbucks is actually within walking distance of work. where.have.i.been?! when the warmer weather comes back around, it will be fun to go for walks there AND to trader joes! yum.
i wish i could transplant the cool springs starbucks to here. they make way better drinks and have way nicer people. i think i'd like that. so, the boys went to have noodles for lunch. i had cold mama-bear oatmeal (too cold!) and a baby-bear caramel apple spice. (juuust right.) and listened to patrick watson while writing some thoughts in my car.
so the aforementioned woman at work smiled at me today. i mean, warmly. like, she's had the best day of her life. she's trying not to smile at me now, actually. speaking of the devil. devil, i'm sure she's not.

i'll be glad when i can feel like wearing makeup again. it's so fun. but i can't be bothered this week. it's already thursday. time is flying... this is my favourite season. i just wish it didn't feel so... blah. bleh. blih. bloh. blue.

it's 1pm. the end of lunch. and i've just gotten the loveliest of dirty looks from eddy for abandoning them for lunch. back to work. hi-ho. hi-ho.

p.s. i can't believe that once upon a time, a boy won me over with an eminem lyric. i mean, seriously?!
p.s.s. - see what i mean about all these thoughts?