Tuesday, January 6, 2009

lover, please do not fall to your knees...it's not like i believe in everlasting love.

i have exactly 8 minutes before the clock on the wall hits 7.30 and signals it's time for me to get to work. uh. get to work on an impossible little project that i can't get my left brain around...let alone my right brain. it's too busy writing songs and singing melodies. i'm mad cos i left my ryan adams book at home. ugh.
nonetheless, if i could ever meet him, i would tell him that he and jesus have saved my life. ok, maybe he, chris martin and jesus. you know what i'm saying. i've just been singing New York, New York at the top of my lungs, and i feel like i'm in the beginning part of a movie, or something. this film better be good, cos if this is a rom-com kill the director!!! (uh. out.of.control.)
k, so i really wish that i'd been working here longer so that #1, my left brain might understand what i'm about to embark upon, #2 - i'd have floater days and a little sick leave built up, and #3 - i'd have cash. cold hard cash in my account so i can book a flight to l.a. and see tom. and spend some quality time with bethany. because somehow, my eyes gain perspective when i'm with her. not to mention...2 words. disney land. i'm in the mood, ya'll. i need some mickey mouse and pirates of the carribbean. and cinderella and peter pan...oh man.

nonetheless, i'm here at work with 2 minutes left to go.
also. there is this mysterious tall, dark, handsome, latin boy who works here. boy? man. but young. which stands out cos most people here are older. i have no idea what he does. who he is. where he works. (and i'd really rather not know). i just like when i see him on my way in and out every so often...and today he said hello. so curious.
but let's not get things confused. there is also a woman who works here who creeps me right out. i'm always a little afraid to say hello to her. cos, she has this look on her face like she hates the world. i smile, and she looks through me. creeeeeped out, kids.

not so fun, fun facts. ready? 1. - i missed gossip girl last night. completely forgot. my mind was elsewhere. i mean, enough is e-freakin-nuff. 2. - wanna lose some of that holiday weight? get sad, friends! it works! 6lbs in 4 days! (yeah, screw that. i'm hungry! let's eat!)

well, it's business time.
uh. not in the flight of the conchords kind of way. assuredly not.

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