Friday, January 23, 2009

my lonely little heart would've broke again. times were vicious.

i would just like to say how incredibly grateful i am to be surrounded by such wonderful wonderful friends. just a small handful. but they mean everything. i don't even have words. and i'm humbled by how sweet they are.! from phone calls, to keeping me company on instant messenger, to text messages, to sending me ryan adams downloads for free, to letting me hear their new projects, to their encouragement to their minds sending me reeling in hysterical laughter... it's nice all the ways and shapes that love comes in.

also. bullets of the day? ready? bang:

  • i work with crazy people.
  • tom oxley and eddie make me laugh. a lot.
  • it is still funny when people are singing with headphones on.
  • it still makes me nuts when people talk to small children like they're invalids. or super loud like they're going deaf or something.
  • there are 2 sides to every coin. so, does the edge make 3?
  • i have this insatiable talent for mischief and giggling at everything when i'm not supposed to be. like around 3 on a friday afternoon or when my boss is in a bad mood... like now?
  • i love stuffed soy pockets.
  • i have discovered a mysterious and slightly sinister scar on the back of my hand.
  • i wonder if it's the sort of thing my kids will notice? you know, because children tend to notice those little teeny things...without even meaning to. i used to notice those kinds of things, anyway...
  • it's friday. glory be.

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