Tuesday, January 13, 2009


did you hear me when i said i was afraid?
did you care when i choked back the tears to say the things i said?
did you smile at my heart heaving where your head did lay?
did you cry that last time you watched me drive away?
did it move you to tears that i fell into despondency over your loss?
does it cause you to be sick from all the pain you've caused?
or happy are you to dance and love and drink
and gladly woo another who will soon be just like me?
did it feel so heavy in your palm when i gave back your ring?
do you even wonder things like, where the hell i've been?
but then, why does it even matter?
that's life. just tit for tat.
you had me and you left me.
and that, "kind sir", is that.
planes taking off and landing
boats sailing round the harbor handing
the river it's extra rhythms and creases
on this world, i wonder what our lease is?
and have we loved or scorned her
taken advantage and not stopped to wonder
neither does she
but for the calm this dirty river brings
but for the ache it soothes in me
tributary to my wildest sea
only the hand of God and his orbit pull the tides over me
sweep me away from all i've seen
from how i've learned i should perceive
rinse my eyes of this dismal grief
and fill with hopeful stars the dark places in me
escape with me to union street
keep me warm in the winter breeze
standing 'neath the naked trees
my pride has fallen on its knees
lets stay
let's drown in togetherness
from the quay
let's sail our heaviness
and just at the horizon we'll watch it sink
down. forgotten. buried beneath.
erase me.
let the new begin.
like the night sky
when the sun moves in
absorb my darkness
invade my thin skin
remake me.
please let's start again.

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