Friday, January 16, 2009

and i told you to be patient...

  • i have off monday AND tuesday now. inauguration ridiculousness is taking over the world. and every bridge and every street... it's going to be manic round here.
  • i can't leave town because of commitments on sunday. and i'm real real REAL pissy.
  • i have bon iver stuck in my head. and i don't want to get him out.
  • i was so hyper all the way to work. and now, i'm sleep-typing. bonus.
  • i love how people say "warsh" instead of "wash"
  • and "mundee" instead of "monday"
  • i officially admit that it grates on my nerves when people make strange noises, incessantly sniff like they have a coke habit, or when they make mouth the kind when someone is noisily biting their nails or smacking their eating with their mouth wide open. seriously, i can't even deal.
  • i would like, however, to go to nashville and make stephy smile again. (that is, selfishly assuming that i could do that, of course.)
  • and see ellie-belle.
  • and e-man and warles and mister worley
  • and manda panda if she's back from africa.
  • and everyone else i've missed.
  • or i wish i had money to go and see vanessa. ugh.

here's the truth about it all...i think i'm just afraid of being bored for 4 days. i think i'm afraid of being lonely over the weekend. and i'd rather run away someplace where i can avoid being alone with my thoughts and very little distraction. and i think sunday will either be a really really good day or a really really bad day.

i had a dream that i saw the kids last night. that all my favourites were coming to this birthday party of mine. it's not even close to my birthday. and why a bunch of 3-6 year olds were excited about my birthday party is beyond me. nonetheless, it was my dream. and i was happy.

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essa jet said...

...i wish you had money tooooo!!