Tuesday, August 24, 2010

once upon an august 24th... [part 1]

I feel like I kept waking up in the middle of the night:
- I was texting and would start seeing and hearing things (dreaming) and then my phone would vibrate and freak the heck out of me... but I stayed in bed and went back to sleep.
- I woke up to these flashing lights... and ended up singing the song flashing lights via text. However, it wasn't R. Kelly or a remix or fiesta or a rave. It was cops. Live. Without the shaky camera. But I stayed in bed.
- I woke up to the heavens exploding with rain and thunder and lightning. It.was.GORGEOUS. I nearly flew down the stairs to rescue my kitten from the sounds of kitty apocalypse, but it calmed down quickly... and fell asleep again before I could get out of my bed.
- I woke up with a wretched stiff neck. I wonder how we do things like sleep on our necks wrong. So weird. Anyway, I'd like to be doing some yoga... but this time I couldn't stay in bed, I had to go to work.

I'd like to take a moment to say here that 4:15AM hurts to wake up to. Stiff neck or not. It hurts on a regular basis. That is, unless you've been a good girl and gone to bed before 8PM. This is a rarity... and as you may have gathered was not the case last night, as I was conversing with 2 favourites and laughing out loud at 'Eat. Pray. Love'. (So far the book is highly recommended. the film? mmm. not so much.)

My friend, Jack made the world aware that a horror film with komodo dragons hunting people exists. I'd like for everyone to know that this is essentially my worst nightmare come true on the silver screen. Whenever I explain this to most people they look at me incredulously. This is mostly because most people confuse komodo dragons with the pogona or the bearded dragon thing. Nope. Not the same. I'm speaking of the ugly beastly thing that has the deadliest saliva in the world. THIS, my dear friends, is why I can't watch animal planet. Inception happens and then I start dreaming about those massive bodied komono dragons and their gaping mouths of disease chasing me through my home or hiding in my bathtub ready to pounce. Thankfully, I did not wake up in a panic from said re-occurring nightmare of komodo dragons.

It's Tuesday, and I'm finding it increasingly hard to focus on my last week of work. I feel like my brain is roadrunner and I'm the coyote trying to catch it.
If you read the original version of this post, I laid a bunch of cards out on the table... and upon closer inspection, found they spelled out one word: fear. And the reason for this fear was stemmed in self-preservation.
Of course there was the perfect echo to this epiphany by the lovely Melissa. Apparently, we dream the same dreams and our souls are in the same inception. (Yes, this IS the second mention of that film in this post.) It’s kind of fun finishing each others' blogs... one unbeknownst to the other.
I'm not going to work tomorrow. My car and I are going for our respective check ups.

I do still mostly want to go back to bed, though... and sleep on my neck the right way this time.

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