Sunday, November 30, 2008

tickity-tock and other late night ramblings.

  • i'm exhausted again.
  • i'm disgusted with a couple of people. but that's only because i'm super protective of people i love. 3rd person offenses are dumb, but real.
  • i wish i wasn't such a fire-cracker sometimes. i am a serious pistol when mad.
  • i like john legend. there i said it.
  • ever heard a pakistani boy sing like michael jackson and daniel johns from silver chair? i have. i was held hostage on my way out of the gym by the manager and other staff members for a sing-off in the foyer. the most hilarious/awkward thing i've experienced in a long time.
  • i wonder when i'll meet boys who aren't sheep in wolves clothing. or just blatant wolves looking for a good time. (not related to the above randomness)
  • my grandma said something about my getting married and i almost gagged. she said something about my music career and my heart skipped a beat. music is my boyfriend. yessssah!
  • still nervous bout london.
  • recording wednesday! yay! (it's refreshing to know i have to narrow the song choices down.) being productive is good.
  • should be sleeping as i'm going to be helping out with this program involving mothers and their young children tomorrow morning. hooray for baby time. language barriers should be interesting though.
  • i miss my babies. we had no language barrier. we communicated in at least 4 languages. i also need some hugs and kisses.
  • i just watched that special on britney spears. i was curious?

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Auntie Amanda said...

Oh I'm so excited for you about your trip... just looking at that new pic up top is exciting!
today's word is UNFETS.