Tuesday, November 18, 2008

waiting for the day you're not looking for something else.

once upon a time...
i was in manchester at the 'in the city' festival thing. i was with my, then boyfriend, his friend and flatmates, and we watched a short set by the rifles. i'd just been introduced to their music, and i was fond them already, but seeing them live was even better. i remember going up to their singer afterward and telling him how much i loved his tunes, at which point he just gaped at me excitedly and said, 'what are you doing here?!' as in, what was i doing there all the way from america. we chatted briefly and parted ways.
i liked them then.
i like them still.
good songs make my day, these days.

last night, my mom and i had a free session each with a personal trainer.
today, i can hardly move.
where do i sign up?

p.s. - why on earth do i go ahead and watch things like law & order svu?? now, i'll never get to sleep! gah!

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