Monday, December 1, 2008

a thimble full of whiskey and i'll be as right as rain.

(i dont even drink whiskey. just like the line.)

this morning wasn't so good. but it would be dull to expound on that fact. so i'll tell you how much i enjoyed this little boy who had bright eyes and a smile that i couldn't resist. i'd hold him and whisper in his ear and he'd laugh every time...but come closer for more. and there was a little girl not feeling so very well. but after i rocked her to sleep and she had a good nap, she was a glorious sight to behold. we played all sorts of games. and then she and her older brother (who was probably 2) played this little game making the 'stereotypical-i'm-an-indian' sound back and forth. it was pretty much amazing.
i miss jordan and aaron.
i want a boy and girl.
someday. farther away.

countdown. 2.5 days?!
after a couple of conversations with clive, i fully realise that i need to calm down.

has anyone else noticed how incredibly weird people are? not bad, necessarily. not good, obviously. just weird. hmm.

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