Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oh i believe in yesterday...

los campesinos pre-release in my inbox? oh please be amazing!

right. back to yesterday...
10 am. we're leaving the house. vote time. and nearly 3 hours, 3 voting locations, a voting mishap (yep. only me.), and a hello to someone i haven't seen in absolutely ages later, and i was finally finished... in my car sippin on a peppermint mocha twist. yum.
so my mom, grandma and i drove to montross, virginia...near george washington's boyhood home and robert e lee's birthplace... to this little restaurant called Yesterdays. i forgot how amazing their food is. i forgot how bad crabcakes are the farther i get from the coast. it was simply wonderful being with my mom & grandma...with no place we were rushing off to. just to be able to pick whatever we wanted from the menu, and enjoy every gorgeous bite, and sit and talk about whatever came to our heads.

last night there was rain. i went to the gym, and ran my guts out, then filled up my gas tank for $34.
ah, these are the days that i've been missin.
back home in time to snuggle down and drink up some hot chocolate with grandma.

it's the little things.

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