Sunday, November 16, 2008

well, you better not get in my way. cos i'm tryin, tryin, i'm so tired of tryin.

i'm on the elliptical thinking, "i'll probably keep it short and do 20 minutes. " cnn was on. blah blah. blah. essentially. oh no, wait. there WAS the story about the new ad for an adultry service. like, a dating service for married people to cheat. awesome. then, there was the story about the couple getting a divorce because the husband was having an alleged affair in 'second life'. (that takes place online). also, awesome. at this point, i'm nearing 20 minutes and just about to wrap things up, when a little message flashes across the bottom of the screen that there was a stabbing incident at the Urban Music Awards in London.

i was so annoyed, i kept going another 15 minutes.
i've learned the news IS the best thing to have on while working out. pay attention long enough and something is bound to upset you and cause you to work harder. though, i'm far happier with america's next top model marathons, thanks.

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Auntie Amanda said...

oh dear. i envy you and your elliptical time lately. hopefully i can get back to some of that this week too.
your word was great! hqhqhq indeed.