Sunday, November 9, 2008

on the street where you live...

Every year for the last 17 years, there has been this Fredericksburg Merchants Day. Many of the merchants in downtown Fredericksburg have a special sidewalk sale and other such things. Well, my old music school takes part each year, having the students perform on the sidewalk, and this year was no exception. I was pleasantly surprised, when my music teacher, Nackie, invited me to take part this year to sing and play a couple of songs. It was so good to see her again and all of the other teachers, as well. I love hearing the songs I used to play, and songs my classmates played. It's always sweet seeing the little kids that are really into it. The ones with hilarious personality. And then, I was utterly humbled, when 2 students, in particular, showed up early for their performance time, just to hear me sing and play. It was a really last minute thing, (my playing) and I can't even begin to explain how encouraging it was. Not to mention the loveliest e-mails and text messages I've received lately, from nyc, nashville, and across the sea... especially the phone calls from Amanda. =) But, this afternoon was, in fact, the icing on the cake. (and, if you know me, you'll be acutely aware that it is, in fact, my favourite part of the cake.) AND then... As strange as this may sound, I was encouraged by my own performance. Over the last couple of years, I feel my live-singing and playing has been incredibly weak in comparison to what it used to be... and if a gig went well, it was only because I'd been playing a couple of shows in a row, doing a lot of practicing, add a dash of adrenaline, ok, make that a gallon of it...and voila! I'd be moderately pleased. I'm excited to see a change in the strength of my voice, is what I'm really trying to say.
That, and I had such a wonderful time seeing and being with everyone again. More than this, I felt easy in my own skin. A feeling I never seemed to make stay while in Nashville, and I've yet to understand why...

random knowledge:

  • i'm reading a book on julie andrews, and i am amazed. i like her, officially.
  • rex harrison might not be as nice as i'd thought. hmmm.
  • i watched a documentary on opium and it's derivatives.
  • i then, gave my mom and grandma an opium/morphine/heroine lesson.
  • i want my children to say things like "something has gone amiss!"
  • Silvio Berlusconi makes me laugh, hailing Obama's suntan.
  • i have one too. trust me, it's grand.

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