Tuesday, September 7, 2010

wherever you go... there you are.

yesterday, i played american tourist with lee and that was a whole lot of fun. i have photos, but will probably refrain from uploading any until after i get back. perhaps while using my new laptop. oh what's that? new laptop? well, here's some fun news, my new baby macbook pro is at home waiting for me.
last night it rained. but it was nice. i wanted some rain. this morning, i slept in for ages and i don't think i've completely left the land of slumber yet. i'm feeling really tired and sleepy, which could be a conglomerate of reasons... most of which, i'll keep to myself. however, it's painting this sunny london world a weird shade of gray. this is lame. i am excited about tonight's exhibition in east london, but due to my stupid emotional fog, am not looking forward to getting their. today is a day i don't feel like being adventurous on my own...

unfortunately that is precisely how it must be today, and i'm just not in the mood for it.

i also had a bunch of bad dreams about moving to nashville...
i feel a little hurt by a couple of people there already, and there's nothing i can do about the situation. it's just a sad thing when you realise you don't mean as much to people as they mean to you. let down. those are the words of choice. it's not the end of the world, but it hurts and there's nothing more to be said about that. thus, thoughts of moving back to nashland which would usually get me very happy are making me incredibly anxious. best to avoid it all for now.

oh well. off to get 'pretty' for tonight's event. danny's art has a way of moving me, as it is... we'll all be lucky if i dont cry.

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