Sunday, September 19, 2010

from the coffee shop. [scatter-brained...]

i dont have internet at home yet, and i'm too scatter-brained to make a very long deliberate post, arranging my thoughts neatly on this table in a busy fido coffee house for you. well, right this second anyway. but i will.

for the record, though, the move went well. just need to finish setting up my room. and if you're very nice, i may post photos of that. my friends have been incredible in welcoming me home to nashville. however, i still feel like i'm on a vacation, somehow. i'm thinking it will probably kick in, in the next couple of days or so. can you say in, in? i think i just did.
meanwhile, i'm also a little overwhelmed.
i'm also too hard on myself... still. which is just silly. and still i'm over-analysing a conversation had yesterday. i just need to breathe deep and release it into this boiling september day. the good news is, the nights are nice and cool. good for dancing in. which is precisely what happened last night.
it's nice to see familiar faces everywhere.
it's nice to know i can see them whenever we like.
i would like to say i'm thankful for my best friends and new favourite friends who are not in this town, who are absolute encouragement champions. they're excitement and enthusiasm light up my world like christmas lights. i mean, night time is great... but those lights make it magical.

it's the beginning of the adventure. it's amazing. it's wonderful. it's terrifying. you realise just how small you are, and how big this is... you're excited, but the reality is all around you. and all of your expectations will be burned at the stake. and all that you can't possibly imagine is going to take place.

sink or swim. and i refuse to drown.


MeLissa said...

NiTasha. all day I've just been afraid. Afraid of dumb things. Afraid of not dumb things.

And then I read this and you're standing on the horizon of establishing a whole new life and you're so brave. You are good for my life. Thanks for this today.

Izabela said...

Yeah .... those lights make it magical! ^^