Monday, September 6, 2010


there is this little orange cuban bar at the corner of a street in camden. in it they make the most glorious cocktails i have ever tasted. they play things like d'angelo, until their live band starts...and it is straight hip shaking cuban/latin/south american glory. i had a classmate named Adriel who was from Argentina. once upon a time, he taught me a very simple little argentinian dance. yesterday, upon hearing this music, i needed to dance that. it is 11am and i need to go back already.

the evening was spent catching up with elena and just browsing the high street. clive ordered some thai, and because i can never remember the name of my favourite thai food (which i cannot find in the united states...well, i find it but it tastes NOTHING like it does here)... elena and i had nandos. don't know how to explain it. but think, roasted chicken with this lemon herb spice stuff, chips (fries) and a ridiculous salad. why are the salads so good here? buh. anyway. from there, we thought it would be a simple night in with glasses of wine, watching some random film. and lee came in...

lee is my official new friend who is visiting from la and staying with us. he's a louisiana boy. as you may be able to imagine, we've gotten on swimmingly. he started showing us youtube video remixes and other viral things, which seemed to light the flame of adventure. elena had to be up at the crack of dawn, so we called her a cab and bid her goodbye. lee suggested we go find a pub open on a sunday night. i backed his suggestion... and clive surprisingly enough awoke from his slumber, got a second wind and an unexpected evening began it's course. we headed to the hawley arms where i met the nicest...not to mention handsomest, bartender i've ever ever met there. the boys drank budweiser... (still unsure of how i feel about that) whilst i had a white russian. GLORY. we sat in this massive booth and talked of many things... shared our stories... fun. we came back to the flat and listened to the latest roots record, because clive hadn't heard it. ok. ok. ok. do you know the feeling that happens when you've been listening to something like mad and you haven't had anyone to really share that enthusiasm with? at least in person? well, friends... this is what happened when i turned it on. the living room was my dance floor... and lee and i just reveled in it. possibly twice through. so did clive. good times. our conversation got deeper and we learned lots about louisiana ... and lee explained more about cajun cooking. i have a little shot of cajun history due to my mom's ex-husband being from lafayette. so this exchange was a fun one. clive went rock climbing yesterday, and was telling us about all of these different walls and how he's absolutely obsessed with this new found fun. i displayed my roundhouse kick.

i think one of the highest compliments one can be paid by a guy, is when he says "you have to meet my girlfriend. you two are on the same sort of wavelength. she would LOVE you. i mean, facebook friends without even having met." i'm not sure why. but it really is. so i was invited to come see them in la. hah. as if i needed anymore convincing to make a trip to la a priority, it now IS a priority. i'm so excited, it's out of control.

today, i think we're all about to get touristy. mostly because we really haven't before, and lee is the perfect excuse.

wakey wakey rise and shine.

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