Wednesday, September 1, 2010


currently, i'm sat in clive & matt's flat with clive and my new friend amy at nearly 3am. camden town is screaching to a halt below... but mostly we're on the screaching part. inevitably, it will come to a halt in a couple of hours. i, however, have been awake since 9:30 thursday morning... despite 2 hours of sleep this afternoon. i didn't sleep at all on the flight to london... the first two-ish hours due to take-off and watching "hot-tub time machine" which made me laugh a lot. it also made the guy sat next to me laugh a lot. we started talking and didn't stop until after the plane landed. we talked of many things. his name is conor. we are still talking.
once i landed and went through the hassle of uk immigration including the largest queue i've ever experienced, christopher aka tinhead, was there to pick me up. such a lovely afternoon was had with he and his dog... also one of my favourite dogs EVER... Jet. i took a 2 hour nap to refresh and reset, had some tea to get things going... and then it was off to oxford to the 'local' for the most glorious cider i've ever had. this cider came out slow and icy...
later, chris dropped me off at the train station, and i made my way to london. a lovely dinner was to be had with clive at this quiet little place in the not so quiet little place of camden. we went all out and had a great chat about many things. met up with friends afterward... and went to a couple of different pubs and things.
bailey's cheesecake, pizza and bailey's creme on ice and laughter and conversations later, i am now ready to crash... radiohead is filling up the space around me... along with the sounds of voices shouting things i can't make out... brakes... engines speeding up and slowing down... sirens...
camden is coming to a screeching halt, and so am i.
a little less loudly... but i am off to sleep. :)
and my heart is at ease and full from a conversation had on the street. he makes me smile and he doesn't even know. best thing is, he doesn't need to right now.
and with that, goodnight.

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MeLissa said...

Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.

I've never been, but you better believe I will.
And when I do, London town will surely remember.