Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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i woke up early this morning and made my way to oxford circus. i recommend doing this early in the morning, just after opening. there were maybe 10 people in the store. it was glorious shopping. it may be why i came away with 3 items that i actually won't be returning. i'm still on the hunt for some boots and a 'leather' bomber/aviator jacket. i know exactly what i want, and won't settle for anything less... this makes things difficult. i feel tomorrow may be a repeat... for no other reason, than i liked the feeling of having that manic place to myself.

after shopping, i headed back to the flat where clive made lunch. whatever he may tell you, it was really yummy. a salad with no salad (the spinach went a bit wrong), poached eggs, and he had toast. then i was off to meet up with ben for coffee. i like that guy a whole lot. i'm also a real big fan of his cello skills. anyway, it was good having a long conversation about all kinds of things. you know, those people where you just feel like you've been friends forever... and you just have a really good time talking? that's ben. we were talking about hard times and growth. i love his resolve to see the positive in things. and we were talking about the changes taking place. and how content we are, and yet not. and how excited we are and yet with reserve. hopeful, is a good word. the world is ours for the taking. and i hope i get to have him around a lot more in the future.

i have the flat to myself tonight. i decided to stay in and clean. i'll probably get a reprimanding for that. but, i mean... i won't listen. and it's what i do! i also have that nagging feeling that tomorrow is going to require... no, demand a lot from me. and if everyone comes out that has said they will... it's going to be so fun seeing everyone. overwhelming awesome fun. I AM GOING TO FREAK OUT.

so i have one night not to think about it.
i'm really trying to be better at this whole being present thing.
on that note. i'm going to go wind down with a book and tuck myself in bed.

goodnight friends.
goodnight camden.

p.s. sorry it's so boring without photos. i'll put them up in droves when i get home.
p.s.s. i'm not sorry to be able to share events of my day. it's nice to have full days with people i love... and a place to put these thoughts and memories down.

my heart is just home.

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