Saturday, September 11, 2010

secrets of blurry lines.

photo: ninelle efremova
the night is full of surprises.
it comes with the territory of this city that holds the keys to my heart.
darling faces i grow fond of in an instant. kisses that displace the thought of another half-hearted soul. at every turn, look left and look right. but you'll never anticipate what greets you there. no grid... just interwoven ancient roads and underground stables. move fast. move slowly. amble along... my pulse matches this rhythm.
my anger grew last night until it swallowed up my anticipation. and surprise distractions have embraced me again. my friends have made a wall of arms. my livid skin is calmed. the tension in my neck is released. he held my face in his hands and i've forgotten. all that mattered so much just days ago has lost it's grip on my nerves.
do you know how it feels to be loved? just as you are? that's this city to me. i dont have to be anyone else. i can roll out of bed and i'm greeted with smiles and darlings and pet names. i can hide myself in the dark... and i'm still someone's angel of light. yet, never on a pedestal. always protected. always safe. here in this city, i can be myself. my core is calm. adventure calls and i answer with bright eyed wonder. doesn't matter how fast it moves. doesn't matter how the storm rages, there's peace that chases me down these magical streets.

this is where i feel alive.
this is where i remember who i am.
this is where my heart is home.

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