Monday, June 22, 2009

trying to repair it any way you can...

starting to see things
like blood on the tissue
a shadow that walked past
and all this hair falling out, too
like petals on a wedding day
but there's no celebration
and nothing i find to say
can bring me your redemption
secrets...i hold them in
i got a favourite distraction
take a number and tell the judge of your dissatisfaction
a cause leads to fraction
or just over-reaction?
now, a desire fills each frame
but it still isn't your name
and it's just not quite the same
i stood. i took all the blame.
i wrestle the deepest seas
combat the lies to be freed
but they keep on singing to me
in such significant keys
sarcasm holds back the sun
from dawning hope in my lungs
i'm too rebellious to part
but i can't find where to start.

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