Wednesday, June 10, 2009


there's gotta be a high high
to match this low low
thought it was the bottom
but there was a whole world below
the feeling when you can't calm down
and you're running very late
but maybe my watch is off
and it's all ok

but i can't suspect
can't suspect the good is here
i'm too busy now
busy holding all this fear
so tell me, now
say that if i seek i'll find
tell me that it's real this time
and i'll leave this carousel behind

there's gotta be a high high
taking out these low lows
waiting for the sun to rise
but the morning would not disclose
any new peace of mind
to soothe mmy aching head
but hope is rising in the sky
i'm not giving up quite yet

1 comment:

Made In The J.L.A. said...

Beautiful, sad, poetic...