Monday, June 8, 2009

scribbled sometime this morning, the 8th of june...

Wanted to bring you laughter
I tried to bring the sun
To the east side of the city
Because you wanted some
Wanted to bring you comfort
Yeah, you can hold so tight
You could wake me in the dead of night
Anytime you like

But I let you down.

Wanted to stop the spinning
So, I kissed your livid skin
I tried to ease your aching bones
So you could just breathe in
And I would cross the ocean
Pull invisible strings
To say a hundred ‘I’m sorrys’
And show you all it means

But I let you down…

Where’s the fire escape
Crawling on the floor
Don’t stay gone
Oh, honey don’t be sore
To the fire escape
I’m cryin on the floor
Smoke signals rise
It’s you I’m burning for
It’s you I’m burning for

But I let you down.

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