Sunday, June 7, 2009

i only have eyes for you.

  • my grandma thought i'd turned to the bottle. actually, i'd been with my second mom crying and praying. wasn't there a story about such things?
  • my fortune cookie said: fear knocks at the door. faith answers. and no one is there.
  • i cried because of a fortune cookie.
  • i do, in fact, have some of the best friends on this planet. and most of them reside in london. now, let's get me a job so i can go home.
  • "yes bruv" needs to be part of my everyday vocabulary.
  • apparently i should write a song. you know, because, that's what matters in the end. that i write another sad, moving song to make the whole world cry with me. ah well. it's bound to happen soon enough. you'll all know when it happens.
  • apparently it's time for boys to put some smooth moves on my heart cos i'm all vulnerable and things. newsflash - bite me. you're making me gag. all of you.
  • i purchased cage the elephant, an oasis album i never got around to buying, and an old jay-z record i've been meaning to buy for like 8 years.
  • peter is home from iraq for 2 weeks, and if i see him, i may explode with happiness.
  • i thought the dog days were over... *sigh* when will i ever learn?

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