Saturday, June 27, 2009

'It’s hot,'
I thought,
It’s warmer than love is supposed to be.

whatever that means
on that sort of night where you wait for some sleep
Distracted by thoughts and whispering fans

and the empty feel in the palm of your hand
And shadows made by all those trees
stretching and swaying without the breeze
And all of the places you’ve been. When you fled…
All the words, all the red…
“Forget him,” you said.
What do you know of all of these bright sweet things.
These dark things, I imagine come easily.
But remember, I’ve warned you…

I’ve just left that place
No fiddle to be played
No fool to be made.
We all know better, don’t we?
We choose to forget.
“Then sleep now, darling”,“Forget him” you said.
Such force. So easy.
Just move through me quickly
Aid in substitution
I make amends to my constitution.
Make exceptions for you to bring in
A brand new solution
Do you note my sideways glances?
When I offer more chances
Comical how they wander through
Deeper lines
No catch. No bruise.
No overuse or even slight abuse.
Yet not the same as me or you.
My trust waned thin
Like a crescent moon
The lesser light cracked the black
And came through the window
Where down below,
I lay on my back
In the room where steam engines
Just skip track to track
I could hear a song that reminds me again
My courage waxed. Now, thin
Like the sheet I’m in
You can give it, You move to
But, I’m still unfed
So alone next to you
On an unmade bed
And you feel the withdraw
Try to cradle my head
beg my untrusting heart
To just once let you in
You will fall, you admit
But you’ll stay.
Not like them
Breathe in deep to pretend
To be sleeping instead
And you whispered it over

and over again
"Then sleep now, my darling,
Forget him,” you said.

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