Wednesday, June 17, 2009

help, i'm alive.

i'd like to know why salted-caramel hot chocolate makes my heart race. i mean, there isn't espresso in it. weird.
i'm over this season. this season in my life right now.
-physical ailments.
-silent treatments.
-dr. jekyll and mr. hyde.
-enough is enough. i'm tired of caring. now, don't get me wrong. i'm not tired of anyone, persay. i'm just tired of caring all the time. of my very best not being good enough. i feel like i'm the punchline for this on-going joke of the universe.
-best of all, i'm tired.

however, i had a wonderful weekend, and perhaps i'll talk about it later.
in the meantime, it seems i'm trying to run away from everything. it really isn't working. but i'm doing a super job of trying, i think.

plan: crawl into bed and laugh til i cry to family guy. then sleep.
wake me up when this is over.

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idaretohope said...


know you are loved. know that there are people (ahem) right there with you, walking on the same road at the same time in the same damn season, looking for a way out.

also. know that your Father loves you and wants to carry these burdens. easier said than done. i dont know your situation. but i know mine. and i know i hurt some. and i know i get frustrated and tired and achey and confused lots. but i know our God is so willing to fight for us. battle. for our hearts. and that my dear sweet friend, is good news.

take heart, love. seasons are just that, they come and go. we laugh and cry. we see new things and grow and learn and that is just how it goes.

let me know what you need. i will help anyway i can. love.