Monday, February 20, 2012

therapy ii/xx

did you ever wish for some sort of selective amnesia?
or the moments where something hurt so bad you wished to be punched in the face?
like somehow the feeling of physical pain would snap you out of the inner anguish.
i was perched on the bar stool just listening to facts and fiction
talking about feelings and wishin
and there are those moments you want to hold tight
and others you'd like to completely disappear
i even looked up the side-effects and what would happen should i become careless
on purpose, obviously
and the risk wasn't worth it.
i never have time for it.
they say i'm so strong...
then why does it feel like i'm weakest?
like i'm just a sucker
a sucker who just got punched.
and above all this, i'd like someone to stand up for me
or a way of escape
or to turn off my brain
all the good is undone
all the trust burnt up
like some crazy forest fire smokey the bear warned you about
or to have selective amnesia
and forget what caused all this.

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