Friday, February 17, 2012

laugh lines

the lines around her mouth are getting deeper
on that baby face
all those cigarettes that looked so pretty in pictures
leaving nicotine stains
some of them don't seem quite as bad
as the others that turn my stomach in the middle of the night
i wonder if she cried yet
i think it's honestly hidden relief
but should i say more i'll sound really mean
i bet i can tell you what will happen next
but i'll sit and wait and promise to look surprised
i wouldn't feel so uncomfortable if the feeling wasn't affirmed
like i can feel the extra weight on my bones
and all of the sudden, she and i are the same
the wanting little girl in the 90s
panicked by every morsel
the seated position is driving me
and the roads around here are paved with good intentions
and double standards
what i worked so hard to see, i cannot see anymore
is the mirror broken or is it my vision?
the optical nerve or just my mind's eye's trickery
but every single time the reminders go off like alarms
discount to zero
she tally's your bill
and she'll make you pay long after the warranty is up
long after the scars fade
long after the cravings are gone
the lines around her mouth are getting deeper
on that baby face
her charm is deceptive
and beauty is fleeting...

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