Wednesday, February 8, 2012

if the shoe fits...[rant]

some thoughts/peeves/observations of late -

- It's an age old thing, but it never ceases to be frustrating when hard work and loyalty and devotion are taken for granted, while people who do just enough to get by climb the ladders of success so quickly.
- I'm all about grace and forgiveness, but I'm really frustrated by the lack of accountability these days... it seems like there's such a lack of responsible for our own actions, rather we're just full of excuses.
- I don't understand how easy it is for people to lie... about little things and huge things.
- I don't understand how casual people are about intimacy or how we cheapen love until its worth is diminished to almost nothing.
- I don't understand how it's becoming more and more acceptable to cheat on our lovers and husbands and wives... like there is no wrong and right. simply a scale of how much justification you have for bad/hurtful/cowardly behaviour.
- I am tired of the lack of the words "I am sorry. I was wrong." in our vocabulary. Like, we can open fire on strangers and loved ones in word and in deed and get away with it by cracking a joke or kissing up to them "in our own way."
- I'm tired of people being made to feel stupid for expressing the way that they really feel.
- I'm weary of fear driven people... and of being one.
- And when we are hurt... when we are broken, instead of allowing others to love us and build us up... instead of being honest in our pain and allowing healing to happen, we just use people and all kinds of substances and allow ourselves to be used to numb the pain.
- and where did we get such a sick and twisted sense of humour? when did we become so blood thirsty? it's like the darkest places of mankind are increasingly exposed and presented to us because of media... and instead of doing something about it, we make jokes about it, until we are numb to the needs of the world. the atrocities of the world are now our punchlines?
- I'm sick of insecure women throwing themselves at anything that moves... of women acting like childish school girls who CONSTANTLY need attention from someone's boyfriend/husband.
And, for that matter, men acting like boys chasing after the attention and approval of other women.
- it's like we love welding this jealousy sword. What a waste of time and energy.
Why don't we spend that energy really helping the people we love to know that they are loved, rather than projecting our insecurities on them... making them feel insecure in our love... until it becomes clear that we aren't really loving them at all.

come on, ladies and gentlemen, we were meant for so much more than this, surely.
let's get some integrity... honor... respect... consideration...
before we all turn into a bunch of savage 'highly evolved mammals' singing an anthem that everything is permissible for me.
it's time to wake up and "live a life of love as though your life depends on it - because it does."
and i'm ever so grateful to those who do.

"let there be love."

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