Sunday, February 22, 2015

shapes in the trees.

the branches made a hand
a finger pointing
with a giant ring
wouldn't it be nice for us to see such things
so obviously.
and then, i was startled from my mental walk...
she woke up screaming
and it broke my heart
night terrors in the middle of the day
for a moment, i saw myself in her
but i didn't know what to make of it.
so i blinked a few times
and all i could do was hold on tight.
my nearness kept her still.
and all of the chaos inside, for a moment
was quiet.
my little companion.
oh how she loves me.
and my adoration of her...
i'll be trying to translate it into words all the rest of my life
this love
there is no fear in it.
there is no doubt in it.
i went back and sat down next to that cherished furry friend
and he laid his sleepy head on my hands.
i didn't realize how often i wring them...
or how cold they stay
until he kept them warm and still.
he often keeps me warm
in the night and in the day
he senses everything
without ever having to speak
for now, at least, until he too is gone away.
i allow the rules to be broken, here and there
just to give my head a little relief.
a little moment away from the grief
and it all just goes on.
and i'm not sure where it went.
or where it's headed so fast
or why it can't wait a moment for me.
why is my love so easy to leave?
why isn't it enough?
when will it be?
i found myself confiding in the wind.
it whispered for a while
and then wailed to me.
it shook against the window
and cried against the frames
but i couldn't understand a word it said.
i prayed softly... help us
let that peace come in
let it drown and banish the sorrows within
let love Himself find me here.
and when i wake up screaming
and it breaks his heart
he'll hold on oh so very tight
for the nearness of Him will keep me still.
this love
this adoration
there is no fear in it.
there is no doubt in it.
and all the chaos - for always -
be quiet.

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