Friday, February 27, 2015

i have hit the canyon floor
wonder if i can take some more
my heart is broke; my head is sore
for better or for worse
i have told my love to leave
but i'm the only one to grieve
there's oxygen but i can't breathe
is there blessing beyond this curse

shaking in my bed alone
clinging to all the promises i've known
but my heart is now without a home
and nothing's making sense
they say i should run away
doesn't matter if i go or stay
are you mine or will you stray
again and again

late at night i dare to dream
that you find your way back to me
that everything is finally
for better not for worse
nothing could keep you away
the darkest hour began to fade
am i sleeping
or wide awake
is it all finally ok

tell me it's enough

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