Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I wish I was difficult
Always have to be right
I wish I was typical
Oh the cruel to be kind, kind
I'd make a scene of it
All the stories I'd tell
I'd make you pay for it
Make you pay for this hell

I wish I caused turbulence
The way that you do
I wish that you'd suffer once
The way I have for you
I'd turn you black and blue
If I had all that strength
And no heart to control it with
Lead you on to the pain

I tried it again last night
Tried to turn inside out
But the tables were turned on me
And I must do without
It's a city of one way streets
And I have to abide
And there's no reciprocity
Only wrongs and no rights

I've grown
Used to the shoulder and
I've grown
Colder and colder
As it gets
older and older
I find myself
Not myself at all

Take me
down to the river
And pull me
down through the waters
And heal me
Heal me or just let me go
Let me go cold

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