Monday, July 12, 2010

where do we go now?

i think it's times like these when it would be nice to sit down in a comfy chair with a dad... just lay all the cards on the table and see what he has to say about things.
i want to make nashville home on this side of the atlantic.
but i am incapable of ignoring the constant heart swell dragging me back to london.
do i stay in virginia a bit longer?
or take a nanny position and get myself to nashville super soon?
do i get a 2nd job here to get myself out of debt faster/get to london more frequently?
i am only certain about the fact that i cannot keep living like this for very long. no friends. dull job. i just simply cannot. but what to do next?
if only i could inherit just a little bit of money. sign a publishing deal? something.
that would be ever so helpful in all of this.
any ideas?

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Izabela said...

Which of two paths that will lead you to what you want? If both will carry the same fate, then you only can listen to your heart ....