Saturday, July 3, 2010

postcard [wish you were here]

my birthday was wonderful. absolutely wonderful.
in all of my life there has never been such a cool (as in temperature) 2nd of july. it felt like autumn. after sleepless nights in the heat, i opened my window and slept in a chill under my thick down comforter.
little things.
after a morning at the spa getting an amazing massage and then an amaaaaaaazing lunch with the family complete with a dessert at coldstone... i raced home and started the manic scrambling of packing last minute things.
and here i am in londontown. one sleepy sleepy little girl. just about as sleepy as camden looks at this time of the morning. sleepy, due to a fullllll flight and trying to put the seat back and sleep is always the most impossible of tasks.
i have noticed something about myself... i get motion sickness lately. i'm not sure when this started, but it makes me nuts.
nevertheless, i am here and just finished reading sweet birthday messages. all is well.
phone purchase.
then climb out of bed and make plans for the celebrations to begin...
and i've got a new canon camera to document my travels, if i'll only be disciplined enough to use it.

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