Tuesday, July 20, 2010

c is for coffee and cats.

my mom, grandma and i blocked all of the possible escape routes and catnapped the kitten that has taken residence in our back yard. i think my grandma was a bit over-prepared, as i believe she had a mission in her head that would play out much like wrangling an unbroken stallion or at least a feisty jack russell terrier. nonetheless, we caught little lemony (as i've so eloquently dubbed it). why lemony you ask? well... simply because it has encountered a series of unfortunate events. you see, little baby lemony has a very large injury on it's left eye. (shoulda named it left eye. no. not happening.) lemony was also trapped for a couple of days under a bunch of things in the neighbour's yard. sigh. nevertheless, lemony has taken shelter in our back yard, and was catnapped for a trip to the vet this morning. i also managed to pamper the kitten by lacing it's kitty food with premium tuna annnd brita water, and we lined the bed with part of my grandma's old night gown. commmmfy. also! a kitty litter. smart little lemony is well aware of how to use it already. i only stopped short of letting it sleep in my bed. which, after a flea dip and a good scrub down and clean bill of health, i will probably allow... if it promises not to shred my blanket. yes.

since when did i like kittens again? it does make sense, considering my first pet was a cat. and she was wild... her mom would scratch your eyes out if you thought about getting near her. angel was less nutso, but she did her thing. and being carried and cuddled would not happen quite as easily. so, you know when people cuddle their cats and things? i've never understood that. love bites were frequent. and i tried to be respectful of her ways from the day i was born, except that one time when i tried to walk her, because i wanted a dog so bad... and the time i pulled her tail out of utter mischief. she bit me in response. and that was not loving. and i laughed and deserved it... felt a tinge of guilt and never did it again. i loved her like mad. but i am really a dog person. til now.

much like i'm a coffee & cream person. til now.
in fact, i love my daily starbucks latte. but gotta save that cash. so i got some yummy stuff from frothy monkey when last in nashville, and it's french press. black. with a little sugar.
i ask you now, friends. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?

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a real phony said...

aww. i am so glad you have a little love pet. they are so darling and affectionate. i, too, on occassion enjoy black coffee with sugar (cubes please!). calls this song to memory everytime: Grooveshark Widgets - Music Playlists for Your MySpace & Blog