Friday, July 9, 2010

painted nails and beautiful losers

it seems i am finally growing up. i have painted my nails on my own and somehow managed for them not to look so bad! excellent.

i would like to say that i'm a massive fan of the english summertime. it's like warm spring in virginia. toasty, sunny days made for long walks and lounging in the park and exploration. as soon as the sun goes down, there comes a perfect chill... to remind you that winter has only fallen asleep.

i knew this trip would be short, but i never anticipate how much will be begging to be done while i'm there... so many people you want to see and spend facetime with. so many places to go. and you make new friends and mean to reconnect before leaving... but there's only so much time in a day. kind of sad, but i'd much rather revel in the knowledge that i have wonderful wonderful people in my life. and that i can't wait to get back to them.

on one particular evening of the trip, i had this moment while walking 'home'... this wave of clarity... and got some perspective... the blurriness got really sharp. want collided with the need.
i needed that moment.
doesn't mean you've got every detail sorted. and you know what? it's really best when you don't. the rest will be sorted out on the way. it would steal the adventure of it all, otherwise.
there's peace in the tension. and a clearer vision of this path i'm on. and though it is the one less travelled... it will be made straight.

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