Monday, July 19, 2010

greetings from weirdland.

  • a woman quite literally screamed at me on the phone. i remained calm, attempted to help as much as i could and then hung up on her, as instructed by the powers that be.
  • i received the strangest text.
  • i was almost scammed by a fraud on craigslist.
  • was subject to the relentless nature of 'the salesperson' personified. she wouldn't listen, she just kept tallllllllllllllllllllking.
  • relieved, i went on my lunch break, only to be honked at by guys in a car with blacked out windows. at which point, they stopped and began driving slowly next to me as i walked down the street.
  • i have discovered there is a sign on my forehead that says, i love creepy attention. this is the way to my heart. if anyone knows how to get invisible tattoos removed, i'd be appreciative of the help.
  • someone things i'm being skeptical of them. but i'm not. just because i'm not the uber lovebear dropping honeypies, baby's and sweetypants everywhere... (baby, maybe. the rest, not so much. lovebear, i say now.)... doesn't mean i'm skeptical of you.
  • having said that, i'm finding myself being far more affectionate again. hopefully the sweetheart is coming back with a vengeance, albeit an edge of dry wit maybe? lord. i've no time or energy to figure myself out. i'll let someone else do that & let it be. :)

goodnight. oh wait! it's 2 in the afternoon! craaaaap.
p.s. i'm mostly laughing because it's just the silliest day ever.

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