Saturday, March 21, 2009

silly, really...

how a mild case of being sexually assaulted in your 20s can wreck a girl's heart and emotions and sense of trust.
and yet sweet babies are being sold into slavery and prostitution, and i've forgotten the impact already.
or how i can't forget this boy...
but i've forgotten these children's faces who are motherless and fatherless already.

i'm not sure which is worse. the poeple doing this? or the fact that i am an american with the means to do some way. physically, encouraging or...helping. just helping somehow! and i am one of too many who have seen and heard about these things, and still has done nothing.
because i'm far too busy being concerned about my bills, my clothes, my stats (er rather lack thereof ) and mostly my bleeding heart.
this silly over-emotional landscape of over-analytical thinking has turned me into a self-absorbed ass... rather than opening my arms to be a wounded healer.

"stand up and fight for all you've yet to know"

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