Tuesday, March 17, 2009

had myself a lover who was finer than gold, but i've been broken up and busted up since.

when the morning comes, i'll turn on jeff buckley and cut him out of my heart. and if, by some chance, he, like a cancer, has invaded all of it, then i'll wait for a transplant, or let you build a new one. my tears have too long run rampant upon my face. i am well acquainted with sorrow. i'm weary of grief being my best friend.
i'm tired of the same companions leaving me feeling very much like the whore i am not. while putting rings and giving honor and the glory of their love...devoting precious time, and preserving friendships with the women who would and do throw them and their hearts out with yesterday's trash.
2+2 always makes a 5.
and i can't figure out why.
so, forgive me for my impertinence. and i'll take all of this back and dress up in garments of repentence, if i need to. be patient with me because i'm slow in understanding all these things. but even when i stand on my head in this upside down kingdom, it's still not adding up. it's still laying sideways.
you tell me i've learned lies. but you won't prove me wrong with your truth.
just prove them all wrong.

sometimes i wish i could just remove you from my heart.
but what on earth would that do?
when, i'd cease to exist with you.

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