Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm getting crushed out on the things that only i should see...

i wish i could calm down and go to sleep. because, there's only one more sleep til nyc.
which means one more til i get to see kim. and ian.
and 2 more til i get to see tom when he gets in from london.
annnnd guy.

can you say,

i hope it all works out. because i can't even deal with how excited i am just to see them in real life.

i really am so inappropriate and full of mischief.
i was picking up my car after getting the oil changed, and apparently walmart's service center was very understaffed. i was kind of in a rush, but to the back of the line i went.
little did i know i'd just walked in on a very intense arguement. pretty much the people in line were all crazy mad because of the lack of service. it was quite intense and heated. everyone was uncomfortable and super angry and dramatic. and me with the thousand things on my list to do in like an hour should have been just as annoyed. instead, all i could do was bite my lips hard to keep from laughing.
i feel like i've cried so much this year, it's ridiculous. and i just can't take these situations seriously anymore.
so i tried to divert my attention by texting matt about it and pretending to be amused by whatever was on my phone. really, though, it made matters more amusing.

and i'm still giggling.
speaking of which, i get the giggles at the worst times at work. when it's super quiet, and my mind starts racing to creative places, i just can't sit still, and everything becomes amusing to no end. or when eddie sends hilarious emails and i just burst out into laughter. which is contagious. and everyone is laughing without knowing what they're really laughing at?
but i'm getting more immature by the second, i think.

oy vey.
get to sleep!

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