Sunday, December 7, 2008

lock yourself indoors and plan a getaway...

today was such a good sunday. good and long and full:
  • went to spitalfields market with gemma (fun. but so crowded.)
  • had a really tasty almond croissant!
  • a random band was covering katy perry. hmm.
  • tried on some burberry & chanel boots.
  • still haven't gotten the december british vogue. oh, but i have january now, thanks.
  • met up with danny in camden.
  • couldn't find the place, so i walked from camden town station to chalk farm station and back.
  • ate 1 random sandwich from tescos express while watching the antique road show. hahaha
  • made the acquaintence of one of the st. john's wood station workers. she's so great!
  • went to liverpool st. (for the 2nd time today)
  • was stalked outside by a creepy little man trying to chat me up by saying i sound like britney spears when i talk, and giving me pointers on places to go.
  • arran rescued me. and took me to a pub to meet some friends.
  • then we went to a gig, where he was playing with some more friends.
  • at which point i developed a massive crush on a band called the onlookers.
  • was stalked by a second random man who also sabbotaged the stage on the last song with his singing techniques. ahem.
  • had a very long talk with jonny about all kinds of things including space blankets. which work.
  • faced my fear of riding the bus...with arran escorting me to the right one. i took it to my destination... knew precisely where the taxi stand was, and got the cab the rest of the way. i am pleased with myself.
  • it's 915 body clock time. but it's 2.15 greenwich mean time. which means, i need to sleep.
  • i'm hungry like a wolf, cold, and i'm in dire need of a full body massage.

gemma and some others have said the phrase, "you belong here!" and everyone asks me if i live here because of my weird sense of ease with everything.
i want to call this home. after home, obviously, you know what i mean.
hopin and prayin and wishin... please oh please.

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