Monday, December 15, 2008

hold your head up you silly girl.

let's catch up. in using images. in random order.
i got sweets...


the wonders i spent most of my week with...
justin, ash & paul....

making faces.

at the gig...



hey girl hey! whaaaaat?!

fading into the scenery.

getting slimed by the young johnny rotten. er clint.

danny fox & lou - professional dollbaby

gemma & elena

the kitchen/rec room of rak studios...just outside my room.

gemma's sneaky photo, updating you.



on the tube.


i'm trying to capture you.

lucky kisses.

the red...

cuddle and christmas lights.

sleepy boy & girl.

so, just take me home.

today, i heard a guy say, and ever so seriously, "yeah, i'm single. single as a dolla bill!"
only in america.

1 comment:

Auntie Amanda said...

stop it, with these great pics of across the pond, and making me all jealous and all. and when did your hair get so long?! sheesh.chltri. doesnt even make sense today...