Friday, July 27, 2012

can you hear it?

here i am.
in a white room with four walls...
and i'm scrawling with all of my might
covering every inch with everything that i am
and with everything i can find.
the ink is the blood
blood is the ink.
i'm searching the dictionaries
exhausting the concordances
red-lining the engines
studying the history books
pouring over the greatest poets
in the tongues of men and of angels
fingers fumbling over the keys
chord after chord
inversion after inversion
translation after translation
to explain the depth of sorrow
to explain the measures of my love
to give rhymes and reasons
to throw open the windows on our story
to let the sun warm us again
to hear the ocean roaring freedom
to make you hear my heart sing
to turn your heart back...
crying out till my lungs are sore
releasing all i have and more
to awaken the dawn with all of its hope
to light the stars
to remind you...
can you hear it?
all just to make you feel my love.


Danielle said...

:( Well I love you. For sure and always.

NiTasha said...

thank you, lovey.