Tuesday, July 17, 2012

love lamenting.

my peripheral vision isn't all that bad.
and i caught a glimpse of that look
the one where you really see me
the one where you mean it
the one that whispers, you're my one and only
and there's no thread of doubt
no pulls
no tears
i don't have a lot
but my heart is good
i'm helpless here.
the words are ready to pour
but they're stopped like tears against the back of the eyes
the petals tight tight tight in my chest
and all they want to do is unfold
fill the room with fragrance
make the room come alive with color
like the wind blowing the pages of a book
the words begging to become thought
to make a sound
it's like springtime in here
so many beautiful things aching to burst open...
but i'm frozen.
fearful of the onslaught of a relentless heat
or the frost
that i cannot scale the walls
that the hands of rejection will choke out the song
oh my love is wild and reckless
my love is strong
my love is greater than all the fear in the world.
and i have put it in a cage.
i have made a god of the fear in me.
and become a barren creature folding inward
instead of unfolding
and reveling in being the one and only
in your eyes.

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