Wednesday, August 15, 2012


i lost my love.
so, i'm kind of working that out.

in the meantime...
my best friend is getting married.
and last night i was dreaming about planning her wedding with her and other girlfriends.
i was also obsessed with having the recipe for and indulging in a bushwacker from 3 crow. i mean, obsessed.
i'm working on a new musical project... i like movement. even if it's slow, it's far better than doldrums any day.
i've also realised that after all this time, i'm beginning to find my voice. as a result, i'm almost anxious to re-record a bunch of songs.

you know what's funny? much of the time we long so desperately to know the future. we want to skip to the end of the book, or at least the end of this section just to make sure that it turns out ok. but, the thing is, that most of us who are truly in love with the story will have to keep reading it all the way through no matter what. and you'll find yourself wondering if the outcome will change, because the build-up is so incredibly delicious... it is as though the author is begging the reader, if you will, to keep hoping when the story is shrouded in mystery and doubt.

God, give me style and give me grace... and put a smile upon my face.

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a real phony said...

i love reading you. smile dear heart.