Tuesday, July 17, 2012


the truth will set you free. but sometimes it puts you in a cage.
you could lie and put on that face, that fake one.
and those in the know will see through it.
but you care and you spill it all.
you tell the truth.
for love.
for freedom.
and here comes the dead weight.
the shackles.
you'll pay for your honesty pound for pound.
pretty piece of flesh.
all because those eyes could never lie.
all because you think before you speak.
and in this economy of saints and sinners.
well, all sinners, elevated to saints
by bowing low
and telling the truth.
and i'm supposed to be grateful for the lashes
but it's not so simple.
and i'm in too deep.
pretending it will all be ok.
well darling, it won't.
and the madness bristles the hairs on my neck
and darkens the hollows of my eyes.
and mocks the purest of intentions.
all the good that you tasted will be
just to remind you.
the truth will set you free.
whatever in heaven or hell that actually means.

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